Nov. 8th, 2016

cotume27: (Flowers)
So I'm trying to make some basic improvements to my lifestyle, and eventually breaking out of some of the monotony of my jeans-and-t-shirt wardrobe is on the list.

A few months ago, I started considering signing up for Dia & Co. It's one of those monthly fashion crates, though this one caters specifically to plus sized women. Each crate costs $20 and includes four articles of clothing and one accessory. You try on the items, keep what you want, and send the rest back, and then they charge you for whatever you keep, minus the $20 "styling fee".

I waffled about it for a while before I finally decided to go for it, partly because of the $10 credit they offered me. I got my first crate yesterday and was actually super pleased with what I got. That in mind, I thought I'd try to actually document what I got and how I felt about it and so on. I'm in no way a fashion blogger, but maybe this is another step in being more comfortable with myself.

So, My first box. )

So yes. Despite the fact that I'm sending back more than I'm keeping on this one, I'm actually super pleased with what I got and will definitely be continuing my subscription.

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