Happy Birthday, Sperrywink!

Oct. 24th, 2017 10:14 am
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Hope today is a great day, and you enjoy all your new stuff.

♥ always.

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[#046] Priorities (Doctor Strange)

Oct. 23rd, 2017 09:00 pm
jordannamorgan: Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, "Doctor Strange". (Doctor Strange)
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Theme Prompt: 046: Fool's Gold
Title: Priorities
Fandom: MCU (Doctor Strange)
Rating/Warnings: None
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 662
Summary: The shifting of Stephen’s priorities was not an easy process.

Priorities )
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Theme Prompt: #046 – Fool’s Gold
Title: Like Diamonds in Her Eyes
Fandom: Mindhunter
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 | Spoilers through Episode 6
Bonus: Yes.
Word Count: 879
Summary: Wendy grapples with the direction of her career and her relationships.

like diamonds in her eyes )
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Gerard pauses for a minute then looks down, unbuttons his pants, and carefully slides the zipper down. He starts to wiggle them down his hips, but they're really fucking tight, and he's having trouble. "Fuck," he says, kind of under his breath.

Gerard keeps trying to push them down, and Frank tries really hard to pretend he's not noticing. Gerard's making it hard, though, as he uses both hands and squirms around even more, even bumping into Frank a few times. Frank's concentrating so hard on not watching the epic struggle between Gerard and his pants that when Gerard suddenly stops moving he glances over, only to see that after all that, Gerard has only succeeded in getting them halfway down his ass.

Frank can't help it then and collapses onto his other side, cracking up. "Pants: one; Gerard: zero," he gasps out between giggles.

- [archiveofourown.org profile] shiningartifact's More

Worcester August 2003 1/8

Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:33 pm
turlough: Gerard Way in faux furcoat, onstage at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC, 3 December 2010 ((mcr) gerard way is my favourite diva)
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The first pics from their performance at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachussets, on 22 August 2003.


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(no subject)

Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:49 am
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James was on nights last night, so I had a very tv heavy watching evening. As well as the Strictly results show I managed to get through one ep of Britain's Next Top Model -- yes, that's still one of my cheesy shows of choice. The first two episodes of The Gifted, which I really enjoyed a lot, and got stuck into my backlog of shows that have been sitting on the DVR for ages by watching the first two eps of Emerald City, which I also enjoyed.

It was a nice and chill evening, especially as I was sitting under a blanket, one cat on my knee and two of the others tucked either side of my legs. Though they were all most put-out each time I had to move.

Today we've planned to go to the cinema. We were thinking Blade Runner 2017 but every review I've seen has mentioned how long it is, so the possibility of James falling asleep is at 100% I'd imagine. So I think we'll head off to see Geostorm instead, which I've read is cheesy terrible, and therefore okay for a snooze if it happens.

Someone in the Musketeer fandom is taking part in whump October. They're posting a ficlet a day based on a list of prompts and I'm really enjoying them. But, they're also posting a story they've written for a challenge and while I'm enjoying that too, the story is complete but they're still posting it in short chapters over four days. Why do that?! Post the whole thing already. And yes, I suspect it'll be to get more comments and kudos but even so. >:(

My uncle phoned last night with more arrangements for the funeral. It's on Friday, and we'll be leaving from the funeral home as nanna's house will be empty by then. Which will be weird as the home is at the bottom of her street so by the time the cars park up they'll probably be outside hers anyway.

So it's that on Friday, and then it's the anniversary of dad's death on Thursday. Pauline is having a small gathering that evening. Corey is coming home from university for a day or so so it'll be nice to see him. He also needs to have a photocopy of nanna's death certificate to give to his uni to explain the time away. I get why, he's having to leave during important meetings for this last year and no doubt some people will have lied in the past to get extra time etc, but man, it feels like a harsh thing to do.

I had such a pang yesterday when I realised it was Sunday and I'd never to go nanna's on a Sunday again. It's what we've always done since I was a kid. First to have dinner there when young, then as we all grew up, just to meet up with family. Not every week, sometimes we had plans or James was at work, but the vast majority of time we were there. I suspect Sundays will feel empty for a while.


Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:02 pm
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Wow. This weekend has been an absolute roller coaster when it comes to D&D. Rambling under the cut. )


Oct. 22nd, 2017 07:34 pm
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So... as those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I accidentally adopted a new cat last weekend. Oops?

Long story short: one of my coworkers has a teenage son who's in college. Said son adopted a cat back in the spring, decided over summer vacation that she was too much work, and left her with his parents when he went back to school. His mom is severely allergic to cats. They tried keeping her for a few weeks, but my coworker's wife ended up in the emergency room unable to breathe because of it, so the cat ended up with me somewhat unexpectedly.

(I'd volunteered to take her, on the condition that WWIII didn't break out in my apartment when I tried introducing a third cat to the mix, but it was something that was tentative and wasn't planned for at least several more weeks. Then I got a phone call last Saturday night asking if my coworker could come by the next morning.)


Everyone, meet Keyleth (also known as Kiki.)

Garrus and Percy have been fine with her from the beginning. They've definitely been more curious than anything else. She, on the other hand, has been a little more wary. At this point, she's just starting to get used to being in a new environment with two much-larger-than-her cats around. (Kiki's approximately two years old, but she's tiny. Even smaller than Tali was, which is saying something.)

So far, so good. I left them alone without shutting anyone up in the bedroom for the first time earlier today, while I played D&D over at the game store near my place, and the apartment was still standing when I got home. Kiki's still somewhat wary of Garrus and Percy, but the worst she's done is hiss and go pout under the bed for a little while before coming back out. And neither of them seems to be taking offense to it, so they're just leaving her be for a bit when she gets to that point.

New York February 2003 4/4

Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:22 pm
turlough: Gerard Way being his usual adorkable self, autumn 2006 ((mcr) gerard way is adorkable)
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The last pics from their performance at Irving Plaza in NYC, New York, on 6 February 2003.


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i watch too much tv

Oct. 21st, 2017 08:25 pm
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I had things I had to do tonight - write two discussion board posts for a module in my TEFL certification class, mainly - but I can't do them now because I am too devastated by a tv show to do anything but punch walls.

I started watching Tokyo Ghoul because I am currently All About some supernatural goings-on in my media and am still in the thick of my newest anime phase. It's rather gory, as the premise is that there are beings called ghouls living among us who look human but actually live off human flesh, and following an unfortunate accident, a human college student had organs implanted in him from a ghoul (unknowingly) that transformed him into half-human, half-ghoul. But gory though it is, it was interesting from the perspective of asking what makes us human/what makes us a monster.

I cried at the end of the first season because after being kidnapped and undergoing severe torture, the lead decided that he needed to leave behind the ghouls who had become his family, essentially severing his last ties to his humanity, even if it was just humanity in the form of eating people in a humane way. (Yeah, so gross, I know.)

I have found myself weirdly upset a lot the last few months over stories with people willingly stepping away from their humanity/their human connections. It's not like it's an uncommon theme, but it hurts a lot to think about. It's tragic when an individual is left to go on alone through no real fault of their own, but it's incredibly upsetting when they could choose to continue to be surrounded by people who love them but they instead choose to live a life cut off from their loved ones because they think it's how things have to be. Why these stories hurt so much right now, I'm not sure. Maybe I just feel especially lonely and I haven't really figured it out. But either way, I find them especially heartbreaking right now.

So, of course, the series ends with the lead finally being reunited with his best friend from his human life, who he's been avoiding for so long because he doesn't want him to know he's turned into this monstrous thing, after a prolonged street battle between human police forces and half the ghouls in the city. Best friend reveals that he's known about the whole half-ghoul thing almost the entire time and just wants to know that Kaneki's okay pretty much just in time for him to die in the lead's arms from severe injuries he sustained in said battle. And so the lead carries him back out to the street, lays him down gently in front of a bunch of police officers, and... essentially commits suicide by standing there and refusing to fight back against a bunch of angry armed policemen.

I cried. I cried so much more than it really merited. It hurt so much to finally see the two friends reunited just in time for everything to go to hell in a handbasket. And life does go on, but it doesn't go on for them, so why did the lead have to lose everything? It's like a kick in the stomach and while it's sort of an enjoyably cathartic pain, I really wanted to see him live. I wanted to see him live and find a new way to exist with his permanently altered reality. I wanted to see him come back to the world instead of continuing to pull away. But it didn't happen and it made me angry. I wanted to throw something at the tv because it hurt so much.

I'm watching a couple of new shows now, also with magic. I am hoping so much that I don't end up crying over them too, though I think tonewise it would be all wrong for them to end unhappily.
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Theme Prompt: #046 - Fool's gold
Title: A fool and his gold
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 1,000 words
Summary: Ianto wishes that Jack would just be grateful for what he has.

A fool and his gold )

New York February 2003 3/4

Oct. 21st, 2017 07:30 pm
turlough: smiling Gerard Way in WWII gear, behind the scenes Ghost of You video, May 2005 ((mcr) gerard way has the sweetest smile)
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Even more pics from their performance at Irving Plaza in NYC, New York, on 6 February 2003.


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(no subject)

Oct. 21st, 2017 11:59 am
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] solariana I hope you have a great day with lots of rest!

We had a lovely time at the awards do last night. Sadly James' group didn't win, but even so, it was a good time. A nice meal, good company and dancing until after midnight. I got up to dance, too. I don't know myself any more!

So many awards to amazing people were given out. My favourite being to a man who'd been a paramedic for 50 years, that's just, wow. It looked like he's more on patient transport side now instead of being out in the thick of things, but even so, he's still out there working.

We had two paramedics on our table, a fabulous lady who was in the nominated group with James, and another man who I thought was also in that group. But turned out to be the head of cardiology for the whole of NE England.

The hotel itself was lovely and set in gorgeous grounds, we would have explored a bit more this morning but James had came off a night shift, had been given the night off for the awards, but then needs to do two more night shifts tonight and tomorrow. So he's crashed out on the couch getting some sleep now.

So, photos. I said I'd post some, then that'll be that. No more pictures of my face *g*

In here )

New York February 2003 2/4

Oct. 20th, 2017 07:24 pm
turlough: Gerard Way doing thumbs-up, Warped tour 2005 ((mcr) gerard approves)
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More pics from their performance at Irving Plaza in NYC, New York, on 6 February 2003.


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New York February 2003 1/4

Oct. 19th, 2017 07:38 pm
turlough: Gerard Way & Ray Toro, onstage autumn 2010 ((mcr) gerard and ray rocking out)
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The first pics from their performance at Irving Plaza in NYC, New York, on 6 February 2003.


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Middletown June 2002 5/5

Oct. 18th, 2017 07:34 pm
turlough: Gerard Way & Frank Iero with arms over each others shoulders, in Australia early February 2012 ((mcr) frank/gerard started my downfall)
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The last pics from their performance at the Middletown KOC, Middletown, New Jersey, 28 June 2002.


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Middletown June 2002 4/5

Oct. 17th, 2017 08:27 pm
turlough: Frank Iero in Mouse hat looking grumpy, March 2009 ((mcr) frank stays brutal)
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Second to last batch of pics from their performance at the Middletown KOC, Middletown, New Jersey, 28 June 2002.


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(no subject)

Oct. 17th, 2017 06:46 pm
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Thank you to everyone who commented and reached out after my last post. You're all very kind, and it was lovely to see some names I haven't seen post for a very long time. Seeing all the comments meant a lot and helped in what was a horrible day. And thank you to [personal profile] madam_beetroot for your card and lovely message that arrived this morning. I don't mind lurkers at all, but know I'm always here to talk to if you feel the need.

I've been to nanna's today to start help clear her house. I got to take a variety of things that meant a lot to me, nothing expensive or even useful in cases, but things that hold deep memories and I'll always treasure. I'm not going to lie, it was hard being there without her, but it has to be done. It's the first time I've helped break down a house, when dad died Pauline was obviously left behind, so it didn't have to be done. And 97 years of life leads to a lot of things to sort through.

Tomorrow it's my one year post op hospital appointment. So expect one final naval gazing post when I'm home from that.

Finally, [community profile] mini_wrimo is taking sign ups atm on both DW and LJ. I love that challenge a lot and I'll be signing up soon. It's very low key and you can set your daily word target as low or high as you like. As I have very little brain right now, I'm setting my bar low and going for 100 words a day. Who knows, I may even get a ficlet out of it somehow.

Holly Poly

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:14 pm
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Whoever nominated all of the Numinous World relationships for Holly Poly, I love you. ♥

(If it's not someone reading this, I'm going to be very surprised. Impressed, but surprised.)
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