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Birthdate:May 29
Location:Tennessee, United States of America
I never have a clue what to put in these things.

First, my screenname is Cotume27. No, there is not an "s". "Cotume" is "Emily" in Quenya elvish, according to a website I had bookmarked somewhere along the way. 2 and 7 are my favorite numbers, hence the "27".

Now then: *waves* Hi. I'm Emily, or Em. I'm currently 26-years-old and work as an assistant manager in a music/movie retail store. I'm a very liberal usual Democrat living in the good ol' red state of Tennessee where it's always nice to run across someone I actually agree with.

I'm a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, and a friend. I am a Christian. I'm not a huge fan of labels when it comes to sexual orientation, so just take "I love who I love" and "You people and your quaint little categories."

I am very open-minded, though I have strong feelings on many subjects. I cannot tolerate racist or homophobic comments, or any sort of bashing, whether it be of an author, actor, fellow fan, etc. I just do not like hate.

There's no real rhyme or reason as to what I post, and might get close to spamming on occasion, if I've got a lot to jabber about.

I'm a member of many, many fandoms, and the list is always in flux. The big ones currently are: My Chemical Romance, Firefly, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Heroes, Castle, Burn Notice, Dexter, Leverage, True Blood, Glee, Royal Pains, Sherlock, Phineas and Ferb, Inception, etc. I am extremely eclectic when it comes to music and like everything from easy listening all the way up to some of the milder metal. Chances are I'll at least give a chance to whatever band you might like. Book-wise, my favorite genres tend to be things that would fall under fantasy or science fiction, though again, I have favorites all across the board. I love picking up new interests, so feel free to recommend something if you think I might like it.

That said, I don't lead a very exciting life, nor do I post anything particularly clever. If you'd like to friend me, go ahead, though I would certainly like you to introduce yourself so I know how you found me. Chances are I'll friend you back.

I don't leave comments terribly often, though I do promise that I read every entry in personal journals on my friends list.

I'm also the owner of:
[community profile] throughthe_gate - The Midnight Realm
[community profile] inasmanywords - My creative community

<('.'<) ^('.')^ <('.')> ^('.')^ (>'.')>
Do the Kirby Dance!

i'm in gryffindor!

Battle of Hogwarts: GRYFFINDOR SOLDIER
{ medals of honor }

my pet!my pet!

Marriage is love.

Bisexuality is Real.

Interests (138):

abe sapien, aj mclean, alan tudyk, alice in wonderland, alton brown, anime, anubis, backstreet boys, bagpipes, beast boy, beast boy/raven, billie piper, black phoenix alchemy lab, books, bprd, brian littrell, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, c.s. lewis, captain jack sparrow, carson-newman college, celtic music, christianity, christopher eccleston, cirque du soleil, clopin, daria, david tennant, diamonds, disney movies, doctor who, doctor/rose, doctor/rose/jack, doug jones, dragons, dralion, ducks, duo maxwell, eddie izzard, elijah wood, emeralds, fanfiction, fantasy, firefly, gaelic storm, gir, glee, good eats, good omens, gorillaz, gundam wing, harry potter, hellboy, heroes, hoban washburne, horses, house m.d., house/wilson, howl's moving castle, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, human target, hunchback of notre dame, inception, invader zim, ireland, j.k. rowling, j.r.r tolkien, jackie earle haley, john barrowman, johnny depp, joseph gordon-levitt, joss whedon, journalism, kingdom hospital, labyrinth, legend of zelda, legolas, leverage, lord of the rings, m*a*s*h, magiquest, matthew lillard, mika, movies, muppets, muses, music, my chemical romance, myst, mythbusters, mythology, neil gaiman, newsboys, original fiction, owls, pan's labyrinth, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, poetry, popcorn, rascal flatts, raven, reading, remus lupin, remus/sirius, role playing, rollercoasters, roses, scotland, serenity, sherlock holmes, silver, singin' in the rain, sirius black, stephen colbert's ties, stephenie meyer, supernatural, tamora pierce, tara strong, teen titans, the chronicles of narnia, the daily show, the shoebox project, the sims, theme parks, tigers, tigger, torchwood, transformers, tricksters, varekai, video games, wash/zoe, world of warcraft, writing, x-men
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