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2017-06-07 01:08 am
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Dia & Co, box 8

Dia & Co, box 8 )

I'm up in the air about the one tanktop and keeping the shorts, but not a bad box overall.
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2017-04-27 04:53 pm
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Dia & Co, boxes 5 and 7

I didn't make a post for the last couple boxes, but I also only kept a couple of things out of one of them and nothing out of the next one. No descriptions on these since I recycled the packets already.

Box 5 )

I got a box that was just kinda eh, and I sent everything back out of it, so I didn't bother taking pictures. This most recent box is probably my most successful to date, though.

Also, I got a haircut. XD Man, I didn't realize how awful my hair was looking, but it's so much better now.

Box 7 )

That will have me pretty good on tanktops for the summer, too, so. Yay.
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2017-02-19 08:41 pm
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Dia & Co, box 4

Fourth box!

No accessories this time, which is a first, but I got another jacket!

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So, yes. I'm gonna try exchanging one for a smaller size, but this might be the first box I don't keep anything out of. I'm not disappointed with the box, it just didn't hit any of my needs this time.
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2017-01-23 11:05 pm
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Dia & Co, box 3

Third box! A decent spread this time, though I'm still not keeping much out of it, and I'm again not sure on the stuff I am thinking about keeping.

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2016-12-14 10:05 pm
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Dia & Co, box 2

Got my second box the other day and am just now getting around to trying it on. I'm a little more "eh" about this one to the point that I might be keeping only one item - but there's a second I need to make my mind up on.

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2016-11-25 05:44 pm
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I don't even know what those typos were but I'm exhausted and they're hilarious, so they're staying.

SO. YES. Christmas cards. It is time. If I don't get them done this week, they're probably not gonna happen.

If you would like a hand-stamped card from moi, please to get me your address! Comments to this post are screened and will be deleted once I write down said address (and if you know for a fact I already have your address, just tell me you want one). Also please let me know your Plurk name or something so I know who you are?

If you'd rather not leave it here, you can also e-mail it to me at cotume27 (at) gmail (dot) com or hit me up on AIM at cotume27 or whatever works for you. I'm not picky.
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2016-11-08 09:24 pm
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Dia & Co, box 1

So I'm trying to make some basic improvements to my lifestyle, and eventually breaking out of some of the monotony of my jeans-and-t-shirt wardrobe is on the list.

A few months ago, I started considering signing up for Dia & Co. It's one of those monthly fashion crates, though this one caters specifically to plus sized women. Each crate costs $20 and includes four articles of clothing and one accessory. You try on the items, keep what you want, and send the rest back, and then they charge you for whatever you keep, minus the $20 "styling fee".

I waffled about it for a while before I finally decided to go for it, partly because of the $10 credit they offered me. I got my first crate yesterday and was actually super pleased with what I got. That in mind, I thought I'd try to actually document what I got and how I felt about it and so on. I'm in no way a fashion blogger, but maybe this is another step in being more comfortable with myself.

So, My first box. )

So yes. Despite the fact that I'm sending back more than I'm keeping on this one, I'm actually super pleased with what I got and will definitely be continuing my subscription.
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2015-11-28 11:19 pm

Card time!!

It's that time of year again, when I make handstamped cards and send them out to the good little children who comment to this post.

(If you don't want to comment to this post and still want a card, I am also reachable at cotume27 on AIM, Plurk, and @gmail. Or through PM.)

Please leave me your name and address (with pertinent country information if outside the US) and if you would prefer your card to not be Christmas themed. I haven't picked out my stamp for this year yet, so it may happen that way anyway, but I wanted to ask ahead of time.

Comments are, of course, screened!
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2014-12-14 07:02 pm

Christmas Cards!

Okay, I'm super late in doing this, this year, but:

If you'd like a Christmas card, please give me your name and address! Comments are screened, and I promise I'm not using these to be a crazy stalker. ;)

Even if you think I already have your address, I'd appreciate if you'd leave it again.

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2013-11-26 01:30 am

Christmas card time!!

It's that time again! And I swear I will get to them this year.

Christmas Card Time!

If you would like a Christmas card from me, please leave me your address! For those of you that don't know, I handstamp mine, and I'm planning on trying to get them made over the next few days so I can send them out next week. I will send overseas, too, so don't worry.

The comments to this post are screened, and I'll delete them as soon as I write it down. If you don't feel comfortable, though, you can always shoot me an email at cotume27(at)gmail(dot)com, send me a PM, or hit me up on AIM at cotume27.

Even if you think I already have your address, please tell me again. I never got to them last year, and it's very likely my book is out of date for at least a few people.

Also, I think my design this year is pretty blatantly Christmas, but if you would prefer something nonreligious, feel free to let me know.