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Dia & Co, box 8

Dia & Co, box 8

Tammy Necklace


I'm back in a rut on jewelry from them, considering this is another necklace with silver charms on a chain. It's nice, but it's going back.

Dex Plus / Odin Lace Cross Over Top / 3X

I like this one, but it's got some bad gapping issues at the armpits like a lot of plus sized tanks do. I'm sad about it, because it's pretty and I do like it, but that bothers me enough that I'd never wear it, and I don't think requesting a smaller size would help anything.

Gilli / Kiara Tank / Navy/Red / 3X

Ignore the crappy shorts I didn't bother to change out of before I took these pictures. XD I don't know about this one. I wish it was like... half black and half pattern instead of just having that one panel in the back in the pattern. I kinda want to keep it, but I'm just completely unsure about it. Input?

Rawan / Liberty Infinite Stretch Bootcut / 26

They're jeans? And I don't really need jeans right now? They're also a little long, which I know figures considering they're bootcut, but it really comes back to the fact that I don't need jeans right now.

Morgan & Walker / Callie Boyfriend Embroidered Short / 26

PRAISE. THEY SENT ME SHORTS. This is also the one article from this box I'm definitely keeping, because I could use another good pair of shorts considering I haven't bought shorts in a few years, and even though my old ones still fit, they're losing buttons and such. I also like the embroidered detail at the pockets.

I'm up in the air about the one tanktop and keeping the shorts, but not a bad box overall.