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Dia & Co, boxes 5 and 7

I didn't make a post for the last couple boxes, but I also only kept a couple of things out of one of them and nothing out of the next one. No descriptions on these since I recycled the packets already.

I kept the necklace because I thought it was pretty. And they finally got the memo that I only wear silver. XD

Also kept this "kimono" because light drapey shit is my jam. I'd also been intending to buy some new luau shirts, and this (and a couple Disney ones I got from Hot Topic) are taking their place in my wardrobe this year.

I liked the black tanktop, but it just didn't fit me right.

And I kinda liked this, but I've already bought a few blouses like this from them, so I returned it.

There was also a pair of pants in this box, I think, but it - all together now - didn't have pockets.

I got a box that was just kinda eh, and I sent everything back out of it, so I didn't bother taking pictures. This most recent box is probably my most successful to date, though.

Also, I got a haircut. XD Man, I didn't realize how awful my hair was looking, but it's so much better now.

First, some things I didn't take pictures of:

Zoe Necklace / Silver / $29.00

It's cute, but it's basically more silver charms on a chain like the one I kept out of the other box.

Ryan Wythe / Veronica Straight-leg Ponte Pant / $65.00

A song: Theyyyyyyyyy have no pocketttttttttts! The end.

Okay, and now the ones I shrieked over and am keeping:

B. Curvy / Celeste Pleated Front Blouse

All of these are a little more than I'd normally spend on a single shirt, but they all feel really nice, and I think they look good on me, which is a rare thing.

Junarose / Katerina Floral Tank

I used to never wear pink, but I've recently realized it actually looks good on me.

Dex Plus / Kingsley Cami

This is a lot like the previous tank they sent me, but this one fits so much better, and I just love it.

That will have me pretty good on tanktops for the summer, too, so. Yay.