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Dia & Co, box 4

Fourth box!

No accessories this time, which is a first, but I got another jacket!

Swak / Eliza Band Tank / Blue/White / 3X

I loved this when I took it out of the box, but it's too big on me. I'm actually tempted to see about getting a smaller size to see if it cuts down on the gapping on the arm holes. I can always send it back again if it still doesn't work how I want it to.

Lysse / Iris Trouser / Indigo / 4X

The price made me make ugly screeching noises again, because it takes a lot for me to be comfortable paying $100 for a single item of clothing, especially a shirt or a pair of pants. I do like these, however, and if they had 1) been cheaper and 2) had pockets, I might have thought about keeping them. As it is, though, they're essentially a pair of dressy jeans.

Kut from the Kloth / Peyton Denim Jacket / Blue / 3X

There's that magically high number again. It's a cute jacket, but I just can't bring myself to drop that on it when I've already got a hundred other jackets, including at least one denim one.

Sharagno Sportswear / Candy Blouse / Black/white / 3X

I'm okay with this one, but it's a lot like the other blouses I've kept from my boxes and it's actually too small, so I'd need to see if I could even get a larger one. I'm pretty much writing it off.

Morgan & Walker / Savannah Bootcut Jeans / Indigo / 26

These are the only item out of this box I'm considering just straight out holding onto, because I do have another pair of jeans that could use replacing. On the other hand, I might just send them back, too, because spring and summer's coming up, and I live in shorts as soon as it gets warm enough.

So, yes. I'm gonna try exchanging one for a smaller size, but this might be the first box I don't keep anything out of. I'm not disappointed with the box, it just didn't hit any of my needs this time.