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Third box! A decent spread this time, though I'm still not keeping much out of it, and I'm again not sure on the stuff I am thinking about keeping.

Morgan Ave Shoulder Bag / Black / OS

I'm not keeping this one. It's pretty nice, but I already have a ton of purses, including one I think looks relatively close to this one.

B. Curvy / Juna Top / Black/White / 3X

I'm torn on this one. I love how it fits and the loose sleeves, but I've always been told bigger girls shouldn't wear horizontal stripes. Input is welcome on this one.

Daniel Rainn / Kamryn Blouse / Indigo / 3X

Possibly keeping this one. It's more pattern than I usually wear, but it fits well without clinging, and I could wear it with a lot of different stuff.

Slink Jeans / Sarah Bootcut Jeans / Blue / 26

They're jeans. They fit well, and when I first put them on, I thought I could replace a pair of my old jeans that lost their button - but they're $98, and I just can't bring myself to spend that on a pair of jeans.

Zenobia / Catherine Ponte Pant / Burgundy / 4x

These are nice, and they might be supposed to fit a little tighter, but I'm not really comfortable in pants that cling this much - and they don't have pockets, and I refuse on priciple to wear pants that don't have pockets. :p

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