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Got my second box the other day and am just now getting around to trying it on. I'm a little more "eh" about this one to the point that I might be keeping only one item - but there's a second I need to make my mind up on.

Zenobia / Scarlet Blouse / Red / 3X

I love this. It's super comfy and I love how it looks on me, which is something that doesn't really happen very often. It is marked "hand wash only", which is a downside, since that also usually translates to "this thing is gonna wrinkle" but I'm keeping it anyway.

Fashion to Figure / Bridgette Top / Royal Blue / 3X

I can't make up my mind on this one. On one hand, it's a blue blouse, and I'm already keeping a red blouse, but they're also definitely pieces I could dress up or down and would make good basics to have in my wardrobe, considering it pretty much consists of jeans and t-shirts right now. I'm debating keeping it, but I'd like another opinion.

KIYONNA / Drawstring Cardigan / Black / 3X

It's a black cardigan. It's a nice basic to have around. But it's also $58 and eh, I have similar items and can find another one cheaper.

Fashion to Figure / The Boyfriend jean / Medium Indigo / 26

Other than the distressing, I hate these, and I pretty much knew I would as soon as I saw "boyfriend jean" on there. I just do not understand this cut of jean, or they don't fit me right, or something. They're too big in the crotch and cling at the ankles and yeah, no. Not for me.

Parker Necklace / pink / OS

My first hardcore disappointment considering I marked on my last box that I don't wear gold, but: I still don't wear gold.

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